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Caroline - Drama and English Teacher London University Cambridge CELTA
Caroline Beasley
Drama and English Teacher
Honors Degree in English and Education, Roehampton Institute; Surrey University
Certificate to teach Drama and English, London University
Cambridge CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults).
She has worked as a teacher in the UK and abroad in a variety of different schools and organizations.
She has worked as a teacher trainer and course writer for the British Council and more recently in the UK as a literacy consultant.

«I enjoy listening to music, travelling, taking photos, walking, reading and drama. I have had fun writing and performing sketches with young people’s groups. I really like the quote: «Remember, happiness is a way of travel, not a destination» (Roy Goodman)»

Brooke - Business and History Teacher University of California, Irvine
Brooke Phan
Business and History Teacher
BA in political science and anthropology, Haverford College
MAT, Univercity of California, Irvine
Teaching credentials: history/social studies, French, English language and literature.
Have worked as a history teacher in California, Singapore and Taiwan.

“History explains everything! I’m sure of it. I agree with Gandhi completely “Be the change you want to be”.
Young adults should think and reflect deeply how and what actions they do to positively change and affect others.

Fran - Art and English Teacher
Frances Roper
Arts and English Teacher
University of Oxford
Courtauld Institute of Art, U. of London
Sevenoaks School

My name is Fran and I am a teacher at the XXI Cent. Integration Summer School – in beautiful sunny Primosten, Croatia! I will be teaching English and Art. We have English lessons in the morning, then Art lessons in the afternoon. As well as fun excursions to local attractions. The English lessons are a lot more creative and interesting than normal school lessons – because we don't work from a textbook. I bring exciting material in all kinds of topics.
In the art lessons we work from a range of materials. Lots of arts and crafts, working towards a final exhibition to show off all your amazing masterpieces! The exhibition is part of a final presentation which we work towards – which also has performances of drama, dancing, even shadow puppets!
Look forward to meeting all of you that join in this Summer.

Jerome - Maths Teacher Ph.D. in Physics University of Lion (France)
Jerome Coss
Maths Teacher

Ph.D. in Physics University of Lion (France), Master’s Degree in Journalism (the University of Cairo, Egypt).

He has worked as a researcher and as a teacher in various countries around the world. He is also a photographer specializing in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He has taken photos of approximately 250 sites listed for their outstanding universal value (there are currently 981 sites on this list). Just like a snail he can’t help moving around. He enjoys a nomadic way of life and travelling the world as an “art de vivre”.

As Nicolas Bouvier said: “You think you are making a trip, but soon it is making you or unmaking you”.