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This programme is aimed at our students aged 9 to 12 (inclusive). It combines engaging morning or afternoon English classes with various workshops, which encourages learning through art, reading, singing and exploring new things every day. Classes are conducted in a formal or semi-formal atmosphere (4 hours daily), and are then followed by active water and other sports in late afternoon (4 hours daily). Groups consist of up to 10 students per teacher, with around 7 children per tutor.

Courses run every two weeks in July/ August 2018. The minimum course duration for children is 1 week.



In the morning students receive two hours of English tuition. On the first Monday  of the course each student will need to complete an English proficiency test as well as a semi-formal interview with a native speaker, after which they will be placed in a group with students with similar language skills. 

Our exciting interactive programme caters for all levels of ability and assists students in becoming proficient in the English language while immersing them in an English-speaking environment. Many international friendships find their roots at our Summer School. As well as mixing and mingling with English-speaking friends, this course allows students to improve their language skills in an informal and very engaging classroom environment.

Classes focus on diverse linguistic skills, such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.


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In the afternoon students attend a 1.5-hour workshop of their choice, which they sign up for at the time of making their application. Students can choose a different workshop for each week of attendance, or attend the same workshop for the duration of their study if they prefer.


Academic English extends the morning English classes by further focusing on academic performance. Students work on a range of skills such as critical thinking, academic writing, debating, British history and literature, as well as efficient internet research - all of which are indispensable for developing not only their English language skills but also their understanding of British culture. This workshop is ideal for those interested in languages, history and literature, who would like to study one of these subjects at a higher level.


Most children love building with LEGO, but how about taking it to the next level and building motorised models? Using the LEGO Education WeDo Kit, which includes a variety of technic bricks and elements, children will learn hands-on how to build simple motorised machines with a battery pack. From wheels and axles to gears, pulleys and belts, each day students will learn basic mechanical concepts that will aid in their building of LEGO models that move.  Working in pairs, children will build a different motorised model every day. There will be plenty of scope for creativity too, with opportunities for children to combine what they've learned with their imagination to build amazing movable creations. At the end of this course students also have an opportunity to present their work.  This fun course therefore  provides them not only with an aid to understanding more complex concepts of physics and mathematics at school but also teamworking, public speaking and presentation experience.


Arts & Drama workshop places the emphasis on cooperation, concentration, movement and story development in a non-competitive environment. By exploring the art and music of characters from familiar stories and creating those of their own, participants will develop physical, social, and artistic skills through theatre games, creative movement, improvisation and pantomime. The workshop also includes painting, decoration and illustration. This week-long workshop wraps up with a performance on the final day.  Students build on their language skills, confidence and creative expression, while having fun with a wide variety of themes that inspire their imaginations and spur them on to new learning.


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A wide range of innovative teaching techniques and supplementary materials, including high end computer and video equipment, music, literature, diaries and magazine articles as well as out-of-classroom projects keep classes fun and ensure that students stay motivated.

All classes and workshops are taught by highly qualified professional teachers of EFL and the IB. You can find some of their profiles here.



09:15-10:00 BREAKFAST
10:00-11:30 ENGLISH CLASS
11:30-11:45 TEA BREAK
11:45-12:45 ENGLISH CLASS
12:45-13:30 LUNCH
13:30-14:45 ENGLISH / LEGO / ARTS & DRAMA
18:00-19:15 DINNER
19:15-21:00 EVENING EVENT




After the classroom lessons and workshops, students run joyfully to the clear green-blue sea to engage in physical activities and enjoy the magnificent natural beauty of the Croatian beaches. Our sports programme for 9-12-year-olds includes waterskiing and wake boarding (30 mins daily), towables (such as inflatable banana, doughnut, armchair etc.), windsurfing and kitesurfing, as well as water polo, beach volleyball, swimming (beginner/ intermediate/ advanced), snorkelling, water relay, various water games and so on.

Every Friday there is a trip organised to the shallow waters and sand dunes of Nin - the ideal location to learn kite and windsurfing as well as build sand castles and enjoy mountain views of the highest massif of Croatia (Velebit).

Swimming contests, beach volleyball, running, climbing inflatable floating castles are all part of our WaterSports programme.

In addition to WaterSports, our evening recreational programme will add further excitement to their afternoon activities and includes an "Olympic Games" session with competitive games such as volleyball, tennis, table-tennis, football and mini-golf. 

These are our flagship programmes which you will not be able to find anywhere else in Croatia. We take a personal approach to every student, following their development carefully so that he or she can not only try out the various sports but also achieve progress. For more information on the sports offered, as well as povisional timetables, please refer to our dedicated Sports page.


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In the evening students enjoy a rich and varied entertainment programme, parts of which are pre-arranged and other parts can be chosen during their stay at our summer school. Each week we offer two trips out to bowling, karting, paintball, laser quest, cycling tour, or evening shows, as well as other entertaining and informative outings. Please note that all evening trips are sold separately (usually €20-30 per trip). 

For those who wish to stay in during the evenings, there are theme nights, debating competitions, theatre nights, movie nights, live music, poetry recitals, board and social games and quiz nights. The evening programme is designed to entertain and strengthen the social bonds between the participants, and is often the most relaxing element of the day.



  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Week 1 Welcome BBQ
+ Boat trip
Guided walk around 
In/ Out
Games (Sports)
In/ Out
Theatre Night Theme Night
Week 2 Evening In Olympic
Games (Sports)
In/ Out
Theme Night Evening
In/ Out
Games (Sports)
Final Presentation


Evening In: movie nights, musical performances, live music, poetry, debates, board and social games, quizzes, quests

Evening Out: cycling tour, bowling, karting, paintball, laser quest, evening shows

Olympic Games: various sports competitions


Programme 9 12 middle 4



At weekends students usually go out on pre-arranged excursions or other trips, however for those who opt out, we offer some on-site activities to keep people busy and motivated. These include mini sports competitions, quests, master-classes, workshops, reading, painting and so on during the free time slots as well as supervised swimming and sea games. Please refer to the Excursions page on our website for more information on the trips planned for this year.


WEEKEND TIMETABLE (excluding excursions)

08:30-09:00 BREAKFAST
13:00-14:00 LUNCH
17:30-19:00 DINNER
19:00-21:30 EVENING EVENT




Students are provided with an assessment of their progress at the end of every fortnight, and a graduation certificate on completion of each chosen programme (English, Workshops and Sports). They will summarise the topics covered in and outside class, and offer positive and constructive feedback to help them build on their successes. 

The end of the two-week programme is always marked with a presentation night held on the final Saturday of the programme. This is a chance for all participants to show off their new or improved skills and share their workshop results with other summer school members and even a public audience. It is a great night and parents are of course all very welcome to attend too.




Programme fees: €1350 for 1 week, €2550 for 2 weeks


The above fees include:

  • Supervision throughout the course
  • Accommodation (3* Twin comfort rooms)
  • Full board (3 main meals, 1 tea break per day)
  • 4 hours of daily tuition including all study materials (5 days a week)
  • 4 hours or more per day of morning and/or afternoon sport activities, including all equipment and participation in 30 min morning stretching
  • Social events in the evenings and weekends
  • Welcome party, final presentation event 
  • Certificate of attendance, progress report, t-shirt, baseball cap, pen, flash-drive with photos/ videos from your course
  • Transfers from/to Split Kastela Airport


NOT included in price:

  • Weekend Excursions
  • Weekday evening trips out (outings)



To apply online click on "Apply Now" button at the top of the page, or 

To apply by post or email please submit a paper Application Form which can be found here.


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