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Average weather reports for July and August in Primossten can be found by clicking here.



You will be sent a kit list as a part of your welcome pack that will explain everything you should bring with you for your programme.



Primosten is a very safe town and all our programmes take place on secure premises and are always supervised. The hotel entrances and territory are being watched over round-the-clock by the hotel security personnel and CCTV cameras.

At the hotel, guests will have access to a valuables safe where they can store their passports, personal documents and other belongings.

All students under the age of 18 must 'check in' regularly during the day, for example at 8:45 am for roll-call, with their teachers at morning classes, in the afternoon for activities, at dinner and in the evening before curfew (exact check-in times will depend on age group). Although Primosten is a very accepting and safe town, we advise students to adhere to the following:

• Use a secure bag for your money and bank cards;
• Leave your valuables in a secure place (preferably the hotel safe);
• Never leave school's premises unsupervised by a member of staff, especially in the evenings.



We have our own 24 hour emergency telephone number. This number can be used by a student anytime needing to contact a member of staff or for a family trying to contact a student. In case of emergency it is vitally important that we have the right contact details for students and their families, so please ensure that all contact information you give us upon registration is correct and up to date. If, for some reason, this information should change after you applied for a course please let us know immediately.



Students will also receive more practical information in the "Know Before You Go" document included in the welcome pack sent to them after registration.